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Model 2100 Developed in cooperation with the FAA and certified for CategoryI, II and III operation,the Series 2100 ILS exceeds industry standards for reliability and performance.

Product Overview
The Series 2100 Instrument Landing System (ILS), providesCategory I, II and III performance in the most versatile and technically advanced system in the industry today. Available inmultiple configurations and with a wide variety of antenna arrays,the 2100 is field upgradable from Category I to Categories II andIII to meet changing operating conditions. The 2100 provides userfriendly computer-based interface, integrates the latest technicalfeatures and reduces system component content. The 2100 combines ease-of-operation and maintenance with increased performance and significantly reduced installation, maintenanceand logistics costs. With software designed and qualified to rigorous RTCA DO-178 Level B standards, the 2100 exceedsindustry standards for reliability and performance.


    * Dual and single equipment configurations
    * Dual and single frequency localizer configurations
    * 8, 14, and 20 element LPD antenna arrays
    * Null reference, capture effect, sideband reference and end-fire glide slope configurations
    * Comprehensive RMM and PMDT (Portable Maintenance Data Terminal)–Remote Certification/Control–Fault Diagnostics–Monitoring and Recording
    * Seamless Category I - III upgradeability AMS (ASI)ís ILS equipment is U.S. Federal Aviation Administration certified, meet or exceed ICAO Annex 10 recommendations and has been commissioned in hundreds of locations worldwide.







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