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MODEL 1118A/1119A Distance Measuring EquipmentWith more than a decade of performance in over 600 locations throughout the world, the SELEx DME continues to offer field-provan reliability and ease of opeation.
*Improved/enhanced version of the original models 1118 and 1119 DME's.

Product Overview
Sold and in peration in more than 55 nations, SELEX Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) has a field-provan record of performance for en route and precision approach landing applications. Avilable in low and high power configurations (Models 1118A adn 1119A, respectively), SELEX's DMEs offer highly reliable operation, advanced performance and ease of maintenance. SELEX's DMEs interface to any ILS and VOR systems available today, and meet or exceed ICAO Annex 10 recommendations.ations.


Now, with the improved 1118A and 1119A, reliability and maintainability are further enhanced and improved to reduce downtim and routine site visits.
Selex also offers a DME Retrofit Kit which upgrades most vacuum tube model DME's to provide enhanced solid-state performance and extended service life.


* Dual and Single Equipment
* Either transmitter selectable for main or stanby
* Comperhensive RMM (optional):
- Fault Diagnositcs
- Remote Certification/Control
- Trend analysis
- Dual Independent Monitoring
- Traffic Load Monitoring






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