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 The Model 1150 VOR is one of the most advanced navaid systems in the industry today.
Our performance record for safety and reliability is respected worldwide.
With systems sold and in service worldwide, the Model 1150 VHFO mni-Directional Range (VOR) has become the international standard for high reliability in en-route navigational and approach systems.
Available in doppler, conventional, mobile and trans-portable configurations, the 1150 offers Windows™

based remote maintenance monitoring and control, automatic VSWR and ground check features, and built-in test. The 1150 provides advanced performance, highly dependable operation and ease of mainte-nance. Like all SELEX products, the 1150 is certified by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration and meets or exceeds ICAO Annex 10 recommendations.
  • Dual and Single Equipment Configurations
  • Comprehensive Windows™ graphical based RMM:– Fault Diagnostics– Remote
  • Configuration/Control– Monitoring and Recording
  • Dual Independent Monitoring





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