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Address :    662/40 Soi Sukhumvit 50 , Phrakanong , Klong Toey , Bangkok 10110
                 Tel +66 2 742-7788, Fax +662 742-9669

Founded :    Established in June 16, 1997

Advance Avionics & Aviation Co., Ltd. (AAA) is proud to have supported national development through its contribution to various important projects over the past ten years and looks forward to continuing to support Thailand’s Technology, and Security development in the future for the benefit of the Thailand and people.

We achieve superior returns by creating value for our clients through quality products and excellent services at competitive prices and value-added business activities, regionally.

AAA earns great loyalty from clients by providing excellent support services, which is the key factor to win over clients in each market segments, and successful long-term relationships with our clients, suppliers and business partners.

We determine client needs, rapidly achieve tangible results, and ensure the highest level of product usability.


In technology, as in business, our capabilities are well-known.  We have demonstrated our ability to integrate systems and manage complex undertakings using supplies and services from many sources, while maintaining overall focus and being responsive to the needs of our clients.  They appreciate our willingness to share our resources and expertise.


It is a name that unites our many companies with their individual core competencies, a name that also resonates with recognition.

As one, we now offer you a strategic advantage in our strategic business areas, Information Technology, Detection& Security, Infrastructure, and Plastic.

Information Technology :
AAA  businesses in Information Technology have their forte in high value-added complex systems.  Our varied businesses in the sector cover a wide spectrum of IT projects.  Significant have been made to integrate fast-to-build, easy-to-maintain management information systems using object-oriented technology, as well as our real-time Decision Support Systems for commercial, industrial, and defense applications.

Detection & Security :
AAA provides a technology solutions for Homeland Security, Force Protection.  Our products are also used by the Department of Defense and the Armed Forces for the protection of Personnel, Bases, Airports, Ports, and other Military Facilities.

Infrastructure :
AAA  provides full-scale implementation and construction of  Passenger Airport Terminal,  Air Traffic Control Tower, Runway, Drainage System, Airport Electricity Work and Airway Navigation Systems.  We constructed and implemented more than 10 Airports in Thailand. 

AAA offers the best value in Airport, a complete line of Ground-based Radio Navigation and Landing aids.  Each product in our line of state-of-the-art equipment provide the highest reliability with the lowest maintenance costs.   The future of Airport Systems is based on innovation and quality.  Our belief in the future guides us in the continual improvement of our products and services.  We are dedicated to our mission of providing the best value available in airport and airway navigation equipment, and the integration of our products with others to provide complete airport systems.

Plastic :
We captured more than ninety percents market share of both food wrapping film with annual capacity of 6,830 tonsand pallet stretch film with annual capacity of 20,000 tons.  AAA group is  Environment-conscious.  Every plant will employ a number of innovative systems to ensure that the surrounding environment remains clean and pollution-free.  All waste will be recycle.

With a significantly capacity expansion of both food wrapping film and pallet stretch film, our valued customers can be assured not only for the serving the high market demand together but also the best quality product. Moreover, the corporate also has a variety of products in order to fulfill our customers' highest satisfaction.






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